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U. Jordis:
"The Daily Workflow of a Medicinal/Organic Chemist to Manage the Personal Information Need";
Keynote Lecture: ONLINE Information, London (invited); 11-28-2011 - 12-01-2011.

English abstract:
The amount of information needed to plan and organize various syntheses for an organic/medicinal chemist is paramount. An
organized workflow has the potential to increase the productivity substantially. The fast changing information environment
including a wealth of software and databases requires to re-think such workflow schemes constantly. Sometimes efficient
work plans are still treated like secrets! In addition, scientists are required to balance the depth of information retrieval with
other management tasks.
In some organizations parts this type of workflow is delegated to librarians who will also profit from this talk
As the documentation of the information retrieval is an important part of the process, constituting the basis for evaluating the
IP status of projects, reference solutions will be provided.
The author will present case studies reflecting his experience in developing formalized work flow schemes and compare
various data sources like Web of Science, Scopus, SciVerse, Chemical Abstract - SciFinder, Reaxys, ISIS, Isentris,
DiscoveryGate and show web applications like CWM GlobalSearch.
What is new or innovative about the presentation?:
Organizing the Personal Information Needs using Databases and Software
Introducing Workflow Methodologies using Case Studies
Documenting the Information Process and Intellectual Property (IP)

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