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K. Varmuza, U. Jordis, G. Wolf:
"Database mining for heterocycles: are structures of small heterocycles generated by a computer program present in databases?";
in: "Electronic Conference on Heterocyclic Chemistry-Proceedings", issued by: Electronic Conference on Heterocyclic Chemistry (ECHET96); Electronic Conference on Heterocyclic Chemistry (ECHET96), 1997, ISBN: 0-85404-894-4.

English abstract:
Computer generated structures (MOLGEN) were converted via ISIS/Draw for Beilstein Commander and searched using the implicit free sites option. The results from this exhaustive list of 3-, 4- and 5-membered heterocycles are used for the creation of "badlists" for spectral interpretation or database statistics. Tables of "No-hit" (sub)structures serve as challenge for theoretical as well as synthetic chemists.

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