Publications in Scientific Journals:

D. K. Minster, U. Jordis, D. L. Evans, S. M. Hecht:
"Thiazoles from cysteinyl peptides";
Journal of Organic Chemistry, 43 (1978), 8; 1624 - 1626.

English abstract:
Glutathione deriv. I underwent dehydrative cyclization to thiazoline II which was oxidized by NiO2 to thiazole III (R = Et, R1 = Ac) which was hydrolyzed to III (R = R1 = H), an amino acid deriv. from the mushroom Xerocomus subtomentosus. Three thiazoline derivs. were oxidized by NiO2 to their corresponding thiazoles, whereas 5 other heterocyclic compds. were also dehydrogenated with NiO2. The thiazoline ring of phleomycin A2 was oxidized by NiO2 to the thiazole ring of bleomycin A2.

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