Publications in Scientific Journals:

F. Sauter, U. Jordis, P. Stanetty:
"Synthesis of substituted phenylhydrazines as open-chain analogs of herbicidal pyridazinones";
Journal of Chemical Research, Synopses, 7 (1977), 187.

English abstract:
PhN(NH2)COCH2Cl, prepd. from PhN(NHCHO)COCH2Cl, Ph2C:NNHPh, and PhNHN:CHMe in 79, 58, and 58% yield, resp., reacted with aliph., arom., and heteroarom. aldehydes to give 55-87% of the corresponding hydrazones. PhNMeNH2 with HO2CCR:CRCHO (R = Cl, Br) gave 82% PhNMeN:CHCCl:CClCO2H (I) and 95% PhNMeN:CHCBr:CBrCO2H (II), resp. I and II were converted into ester and amide analogs.

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