Publications in Scientific Journals:

D. A. McGowan, U. Jordis, D. K. Minster, S. M. Hecht:
"A biomimetic synthesis of the bithiazole moiety of bleomycin";
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 99 (1977), 24; 8078 - 8079.

English abstract:
The bithiazole I was prepd. by cyclizing BzNHCH2CH2CONHCH(CH2SR)CO2Et (R = H, CPh3) with HCl(g), oxidizing the resulting thiazoline, sapong. II (R1 = Et), treating II (R1 = H) with Ph3CSCH2CH(NH2)CO2Et, cleaving the trityl group on II [R1 = NHCH(CO2Et)CH2SCPh3], and cyclizing II [R1 = NHCH(CO2Et)CH2SH] with HCl(g).

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