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A. Rizzi, R. Schuh, A. Brückner, B. Cvitkovich, L. Kremser, U. Jordis, J. Fröhlich, B. Küenburg, L. Czollner:
"Enantiomeric resolution of galanthamine and related drugs used in anti-Alzheimer therapy by means of capillary zone electrophoresis employing derivatized cyclodextrin selectors";
Journal of Chromatography B: Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences, 730 (2) (1999), 167 - 175.

English abstract:
An anal. assay is presented for the detn. of the enantiomeric compn. of galanthamine and related synthetic and natural compds. (-)-Galanthamine is isolated from Galanthus nivalis and is used in this optical pure form in the therapy of Alzheimer's disease. Recent efforts for a total synthesis of (-)-galanthamine is connected with the need for a fast and reliable assay for the detn. of the optical purity of the end product, as well as for optimizing and controlling the final steps in total synthesis particularly the asym. transformation of narwedine. The enantiomeric resoln. of these compds. was obtained employing a capillary electrophoretic system with -cyclodextrin derived chiral selectors. With the proposed system a no. of galanthamine and narwedine derived analogous compds. could be sepd., including 1-bromo- and N-alkyl-substituted compds.
AN 1999:527463

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